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Adult Sports Organization Community Support

Adult Community Support Letter
To: The Sacramento Board of Supervisors
Re: Mather Sports Village at Mather South Location

As a local sports enthusiast, organization member/parent, I know that teams are always looking for locally accessible and safe fields to play sports on. I know that Mather Sports Village can build the type of fields we desperately need in the Sacramento Region.

These are a few of the reasons that Mather Sports Village will enhance the region/community with:

1. Potential improvements to local roads & golf course
2. Solar Energy, both on-site use and public education/demonstration
3. “Sustainable Landscape and Water Conservation” demonstration – setting the new standard for others to follow
4. The theme celebrates our rich and unique military legacy
5. LOW impact, excellent neighborhood enhancement, possibly the best of all possible land uses

I want you to know that I support Mather Sports Village in getting those fields built on the Mather South property. I urge you to approve the Mather Sports Village project on July 26, 2016!
This project will be a Regional example of how development and conservation efforts can co-exist and improve quality of life and economic viability.

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