Feasibility and Stability Overview of Mather Sports Village

Mather Sports Village - Mission
Mather Sports Village provides state of the art facilities to support the positive benefits of sports; including, the development of leadership skills, education, and teamwork.  In addition, we provide a place of pride for the community and positive economic impact to the region.

Mather Sports Village - Vision
MSV’s vision is to build and operate the preeminent, internationally recognized, multi-sport venue on the West Coast, serving both professional athletes and amateur sports.

“Sports” is the number 1 entertainment activity in the world.  In 2007, Americans alone spent over $200 billion on sports related activities.  A detailed study by a Las Vegas hotel/casino group contacted more than 5,000 members of sports groups and organizations, such as the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and USSSA. Results of that study indicated that over 700 sports associations, federations, and conferences agreed that “if you build it we will come!” These American groups represent more than 20 million registered athletes and 13,000 sanctioned events and competitions. To accommodate these events, the MSV facilities will be a one-of-a-kind sports destination for amateur and professional athletes that will be second to none on the West Coast. Furthermore, last year in the United States the sports tourism industry grew from $700 million to $900 million, with an overall economic impact of $6.1 billion to the areas in which these events were held.  Mather Sports Village will be able to capture this economic benefit for its sports complex and the region as a whole.   

Mather Sports Village will provide the west coast with a world-class multi-sport facility. Based on the information of land use, community benefit, funding, and economic impact, as well as a review of the Business Plan and Proforma of the project by Ripken Design, Mather Sports Village is an economically viable and sustainable development.

This study was provided by Kyle Trinosky who holds BS Managerial Economics UC Davis
and MBA from the School of Management UC Davis

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